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Getting Started With manim

I’ve been working on creating a Linux tutorial lately and I wanted to make the guide not so… drab. The 3blue1brown videos really have grown on me, and I wanted to do something with manim.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy to get started, as documentation is still in the early staged with manim. With some poking around, however, I was able to create this sequence, which I was satisfied with.

manim gif

My first approach though felt really clunky with a lot of manual play() and wait() calls, where I was specifically choreographing the fading in and out of text and descriptions.

I knew that describing command line prompts/results would lead to a lot of this repetition, and would be very tedious, but I’d be following the same script of:

  1. Show the line
  2. Fade out everything but the first Mobject
  3. Fade in descriptions and subsequent Mobjects

So, I created a small library that condenses that clunky gist into a few simple lines of code, and called it manim-linuxMobject. Check it out!

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