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#LaTeX: \begin{Setup}

##Mac Yes, it’s true, I use an Apple product, and thus the Mac gets first place on this page. To get going with LaTeX, you need to download TeXShop (get “Latest TeXShop”). By installing this package, you will have everything you need to get going with LaTeX.

##Windows You’re going to be looking for MiKTeX. I’ve heard some stuff about an alternative recently, which gives you a “preview window” (WYSIWYM- What You See Is What You Mean). It’s called TeXnicCenter - like I said though, MiKTeX is tried and trued.

##Linux Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re more technical than us average schmoes… so just use your package manager to install pdfTeX, XeTeX or what have you! :)

##Web There are online TeX compilers, so you don’t even have to install it to get going! Unfortunately, it’s Flash-based, but check out this nice compiler!

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