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#LaTeX: \begin{Tools}

##Helpful Resources You’re only as good as your resources, as there is no way you can remember every single LaTeX command in the book. The following links will help you along.

LaTeX symbols - cheatsheet
LaTeX commands - cheatsheet
LaTeX fancyhdr - documentation
LaTeX math guide - guide
TiKz examples on TeXamples
TeX on StackExchange
Detexify - draw symbols

##Nebulous errors A lot of times, you will forget to close your math equation with a $. Other times, you accidentally held a shift key for too long, and now the case-sensitive compiler is barking. Check out the following error.
$e^{i\alphA} =\cos (\alpha) + i\sin (\alpha)$
That capital ‘A’ in \alphA is giving us the error, and LaTeX told the error line number.

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