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#The Randy Pausch TimeLog

I’ve been trying to up my game lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that my time management skills aren’t exactly at the top tier. They’re not bad, but I just don’t feel like I get enough done in a given day.

And on a fireman’s schedule, you get a lot of time to do things on your off-days.

At any rate, that led me to revisiting Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and more on-topically, his Time Management Lecture. In his Time Management Lecture, he mentions several optimizing pieces, but I found the “Time Log” to be the most intriguing.

Since my wife and I are on a single income right now, we found monetary budgeting (and logging) to be eye-opening and informative.

So I can’t wait to see what happens with time budgeting (and logging).

The problem was that I couldn’t find any handy, pre-built sheets that looked just like Pausch’s, and I’m a geek for authenticity. (The ones I found were on scribd, where you have to log in or pay or some silly shit.)

So, after some painstaking Excel formatting, here they are, in 8, 10, 12 and 24 increments/hour formats, in Excel and PDF. My personal favorite is the 10 hour one.

NOTE: The Excel spreadsheet looks misaligned, but trust me, it’s aligned (as much as possible) for printing’s sake.
Another NOTE: You can adjust the spreadsheet starting times by only modifying cell B7.

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